Medical procedures and medical emergencies are always stressful and often confusing times. As much as we rely on our physicians, nurses, and technicians to help us navigate difficult health issues, everyone makes mistakes. In 2009, the Congressional Budget Office Report found that the total liability costs related to malpractice for healthcare providers was $35 billion. According to a recent study by two professors at John Hopkins University School of Medicine, medical errors are the third leading cause of death in our country, ahead of respiratory disease, accidents, and strokes. “We all know how common it is,” they said. “We also know how infrequently it is openly discussed.”

That being said, not every mistake by a medical professional can, or should, result in a lawsuit. In the event of an injury related to a medical procedure, our experienced team of medical malpractice lawyers will assist you in determining whether you have a case that is worth exploring, and if so, give you a realistic picture of what to expect.

We pride ourselves on a selective approach to medical malpractice cases that allows us maintain a high rate of success in a challenging area of the law and provide each case with the attention to detail that is necessary to ensure a positive result.